Tax Liability – What You Need To Know

Crowd-Funding and Tax Liability

Simply put, when you organize a fundraiser there is a possibility the organizer and/or the recipient can be responsible for a large tax bill when they are least able to handle it.  The best way to guarantee that the fundraiser is tax exempt is by setting up your own charitable organization.  By doing this, you can eliminate your tax liability. This is where Emergency Charitable Services can help.

Eliminating Your Tax Liability – How It Works

We take your charitable case and fill out all the appropriate paperwork. Then we help you with the official filings. Finally, we provide letters of tax exemption for your records.  That way, if the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does come knocking, you will be ready with an attorney- and CPA-prepared document to prove your tax exempt status, thus resulting in zero tax liabilities.

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