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Three Stories of People Who Did It Alone …

Jason Bernatz
A month ago, Jason’s parents received the worst news you can imagine – their 10 years old son was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer that was spreading throughout his body – quickly. Jason immediately started chemo and now the family has relocated from California to New York for life-saving surgery and a year of follow-up treatment.

Jason’s dad created a GoFundMe and raised nearly $130,000 in the first week! Unfortunately, Jason’s dad may be surprised with tax bills totaling over $62,000! To add insult to injury, he won’t learn of this tax bill until a year or two later, when the IRS learns of the new-found “income” and hits Jason’s family with a tax bill, plus penalties, and interest charges!

At ECS, we work to prevent such surprises from taking donations away from families like Jason’s.

Max Kreseki
Max was only 36 years old when he died in a tragic auto accident, leaving behind two little girls and a wonderful wife. All agreed that Max was one of kind, no matter what someone needed, he would always be there with a plan to help and lend a hand himself.

Max’s best friend organized a GoFundMe for Max’s family and raised over $82,000 in the first two weeks. But, he may be surprised with tax bills totaling over $36,000 when the IRS or Connecticut tax authorities present their tax bill to Max’s friend, years later, laden with penalties and interest.

At ECS, preventing surprises like this, from hurting Max’s friend and punishing him for trying to help, is what we do every day.

Lucy Jancine
The home of mother, friend, and preschool teacher Lucy Jancine and her family burned down one night from an electrical fire that started in their next-door neighbor’s home. Lucy, her husband, and their three children lost all of their possessions. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

Two groups of friends starting separate GoFundMe pages that raised over $51,000 within a week and a half. In Minnesota, where Lucy’s friends live, this means they’ll be getting tax bills of nearly $24,000 for trying to help their friend.

All Three Could Have Saved Potential Heartache and Shock If They Had Spoken with ECS First …

Contact us today to receive a brief survey that will immediately tell you if you are at risk of a surprise tax bill or other tax liabilities by starting a GoFundMe account.

What is ECS?

ECS is an IRS-approved charity (a tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation) that is here to help you and your smaller, community-focused charitable efforts take advantage of the same tax benefits that Big Charity gets.

You bring the passion, because we know you care about your cause. What we provide is the technology and guidance – in conjunction with sites like GoFundMe – to allow your hard work to provide the biggest benefit to both your donors and recipients.

Our Mission
Our mission is simple – to allow you, as a grassroots, community-focused charity, to maximize the impact of your fundraising work for both recipients and donors by allowing you to take advantage of the same tax benefits that Big Charity does. We do this in four ways:

Tax Expertise

The tax laws are confusing. Multi-million dollar charities have exclusive attorneys on-call to support their needs. We are bringing that to you, the smaller, community-focused charity. Our board, with over a half-century of experience, has the expertise and the know-how to guide you through the process and avoid the potential pitfalls.
Technology Services
Leveraging our non-profit status, ECS is able to provide you with the latest in cloud-based technology services to build your charitable efforts. Working with leading experts in cybersecurity, we have built a platform, from the ground-up, that can safely and quickly provide you with the services you need to help your community.
Plain-English Guidance
All the expert legal knowledge in the world is meaningless if it can’t be translated into plain-English, to explain the simple steps that you can take, to ensure that your hard work to help others benefits your community and avoids unintended consequences. That’s where ECS comes in to help.
Handling the Paperwork
From issuing donation letters to tracking who gets the money you’ve raised and how they spend it, ECS will handle the paperwork so that you can focus on what you do best – serving a need in your community.