What is ECS?

ECS (Emergency Charitable Services) handles the administrative and legal paperwork for your crowdfunding charity (GoFundMe, IndieGoGo, etc.). We take care of the paperwork while you focus on helping those in your community with an urgent need.

How does it work?

Crowdfunding charities usually start when we have a friend or relative in need and we need to step-up to help them meet that need. We are regular people – not people from the established charity industry. Unfortunately, it’s easy to quickly get lost in the maze of paperwork from taxes and other regulations that can limit or prevent us from doing the charitable work that our friends and relatives need.

At ECS, we want to eliminate those roadblocks by handling all of your tax paperwork needs for you, in an easy-to-use, centralized location that allows you to spend your time focusing on your friends and relatives.

Crowdfunding was supposed to be simple, allowing us to collect charity for our friends or relatives in need and then give them that money to help them out. But, as crowdfunding has grown bigger, now the tax collectors see this as another opportunity to collect even more. So, …

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