Our Mission
Our mission is simple – to make it easier for you, and your team, to give what you want, how you want, and to whom you want. To do this, we work with both individuals and organizations, providing the support and handling the paperwork for individuals looking to maximize tax benefits and organizations who need help managing the paperwork and tax filings around employee community fundraising. We leverage the most up-to-date technology, giving you access to the same benefits as Big Charity, handling the paperwork for you and maximizing the impact of your charitable fundraising work.
Helping Individuals Give
In November 2016, Kate and Pat Amsbry sought a way to create more positivity in their community. Recognizing that public education budgets in their community have been challenged and, both being passionate about education equity, access and opportunity, they looked for a way to help.

They reached out to their local elementary school and began working with the principal and teachers to fill the gaps left by school budget cuts and student’s strained family budgets.

ECS is proud to partner with Friends of Madison Elementary to handle the paperwork for Kate and Pat while ensuring that they and their donors receive the tax benefits they deserve.
Helping Companies in their Community
Companies and their employees seeking to support their community, whether through a short-term emergency or a larger crisis, are forming Employee Giving Funds.

A Fund is a great way for employees who want to help out through a crisis, combine their giving power and leverage company matching benefits, while receiving a tax deduction for their donations. 

If you or your company are interested in an Employee Giving Fund, please reach out and let’s discuss how we can help.
Or, complete this form to receive a survey that will tell you if your fundraising campaign may generate unanticipated tax liability for you or the recipient of the funds and to learn how we can help.