About Us

We know about the challenges of using a crowdfunding site (GoFundMe, IndieGoGo, etc.) to help a friend or relative in need because we’ve been there, we faced the same challenges, and that’s why we started Emergency Charitable Services.

When the single mother who adopted our son’s classmate was diagnosed with late-stage cancer, we too looked to crowdfunding to help with raising money for her and her children’s many needs. While we were moved by the generosity of our community in supporting her, we also noticed a problem. First, those who generously gave their money were not able to get the tax deduction they deserved for their donation. Second, the mother was now at-risk of a very large tax bill (almost 50%!) for the ‘gifts’ from her generous friends, coworkers, and neighbors.

These are problems that large charities do not have to deal with, because they have large staffs available to complete the necessary paperwork. But, the worst part of this is that while these problems can be solved by filing-out the appropriate paperwork, that requires time, money, and specialized knowledge – all of which are in short supply when you’re urgently trying to help a friend or relative in need.

ECS started with the simple idea that this is not right. So, we decided to do something about it. Today, we are working on building a convenient framework for you, us, and others, to be able to simply and easily help our friends and relatives in need give while getting the same advantages that the big, established charities get.